Kairos Prize Winner

A man is released after 16 years in prison and returns to the town where he was responsible for the accidental deaths of 18 children, stretching the Christian value of forgiveness to its limits.

Brodie Ransom, returns to Garnet, OK after a 16 year absence.  News spreads like wildfire through the town and reactions are intense.  No one thought he would have the nerve to ever come back.

Equipped with a police scanner, video camera and a fast car, Danny cruises the streets of New Orleans at night alert to the calls reporting heinous crimes he can tape and sell.  Danny’s good.  So good, he often beats the cops to the crime scene.  And now he’s on the trail of a serial killer. 

The true, inspiring and heart-soaring story of Peter Wolf and his courageous and determined struggle to escape to freedom.  Born at the end of W.W. II, Peter grew up in East Germany at the height of the Cold War under the brutal, totalitarian rule of Soviet Communism.  Life was grim and the future bleak for the 12-year-old boy until he and his mother made a daring and desperate escape to America.

Here you’re surrounded by more killers, crooks, junkies and gangbangers than anywhere outside a major penitentiary... but you’d never know it.  This is Boys Town.  A contemporary story of the boys and girls at the legendary Boys Town, founded by Father Flanagan.

A desperate mother battles to free her sixteen-year-old daughter from a deranged woman who has brainwashed the girl into taking the place of her murdered child.

Carolyn Raeburn's daughter, Laura, graduated from high school at age sixteen.  Laura was bright, popular and enthusiastic about the future.  But the summer before she was to begin college, an event occurred which was to change the lives of her and her family forever.

Laura visited a boarding ranch in the country to learn horseback riding.  And there, she entered a world dominated by a strange, and fearsome woman who took control of her mind.  Carolyn spent the next five years of her life and more than half a million dollars to get her daughter back.  A true story.



The true story of the man arguably the greatest heavyweight fighter of all time.

José, a young boy from Mexico, sneaks into the United States in search of his father, a migrant worker. On the run with an injured arm and looking for a place to rest, José takes refuge in a church in San Ramos, CA, and hides in a scaffolding above the pulpit. Blood from José's arm drips onto a statue of Christ, and the next morning the town is convinced that the plaster figure is weeping tears of blood.



A soldier shot in the Vietnam War and suffering horrible migraines due to shrapnel in his brain, ultimately goes blind but finds his way to become a black belt Karate champion and an inter-nationally renowned artist.

At 52, Jim Stevens was the oldest man com-peting in the National Kenpo Karate Tournament of Champions.  He won.  And not until it was over did anyone know he was blind.  A true story.

  (based on the Pulitzer Prize nominated book)

Set in an African-American community in the segregated South, we follow Cliff Taulbert through three decades, beginning with his birth in a cotton field in 1946. As he grows up, Cliff is faced with the harsh realities of being black in the mid-20th century: first from the lessons of his great-grandfather, later in his trips to the local segregated library, and finally in 1962, when a 16-year-old Cliff watches as his community deals with a racist white business owner trying to run a local black ice man out of town.


Feature Film

Pete puts on the high school mascot's "Chicken" suit and his whole life changes.  The suit is a mask he hides his own insecure personality behind and he soon becomes the town sen-sation.  But no one must ever know who he is or the magic will be over.  Some hilarious chicken shtick for the whole family.


Disney Channel

Ty Ingram is a tall, tough Montana rodeo bronc rider.  Last year he just missed Rookie of the Year honors by a gnat's hair.  This year, he's going all the way to the National Finals.  In Butte, he meets up with a gorgeous, young photo journalist who is devoting her summer to following the rodeo circuit for a story.  One problem.  She disdains the rodeo.  She hates horses.  And she despises cowboys.  But then she meets Ty.

Eight teenagers, four boys and four girls, meet at a tennis camp to develop their skills and spend a summer of romance and competition, both on and off the court. A fifteen part mini-series for the New Mickey Mouse Club.


Disney Channel

Concept:  Think for a minute what your life would be like if you had only scripture to live by.  If you lived every minute of your life as Jesus did.  Every hour devoted to God’s Word.


Logline:  A young man living a profligate lifestyle undergoes a near mystical transition that opens his eyes to the suffering in the world and leads him into a life of service that Christ exemplified.

Scott Highland uses his newly discovered powers of astral projection to track down the men who murdered his wife and daughter.

The year is 1927.  It's the Roaring Twenties.  The age of flappers and bootleg gin.  Lindbergh flew the Atlantic.  Barnstormers and wingwalkers risked their lives over Midwest prairies and fields.  Talking movies were born.  Girls bobbed their hair and rolled down their stockings.  Boys wore raccoon coats, carried hip flasks and ter-rorized the roadways in galloping jalopies.

But on a small, hardscrabble farmstead in Southeastern Oklahoma, the modern world was far away. A poor farm family with seven children had lost their farm and was forced to set out on a journey across the Great Plains in three tiny prairie schooners.  They encountered twisters, flashfloods and blizzards, Indians, barnstormers and bank robbers, injury, accident and runaway horses.  It was a remarkable journey.  But by the time it ended, they were down to one wagon and had fallen 176 miles short of their destination.  It took a Christmas miracle to save their lives.

A woman rancher is thrown from her horse and stranded in isolated mountain wilderness where she forges a remarkable relationship with a trapped wolf.  Together they struggle against the elements and ruthless poachers who threaten them.  Only she can save the wolf and only her fourteen-year-old son can save her.


The Animal Planet

A poor Indiana boy with severe astigmatism, quits school at age 12 and goes on to be - at the turn of the last century - indispensable to the fledgling auto industry, creator of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Indy 500 Auto Race, inspiration for two highways spanning the nation north and south, east and west and builder of magnificent Miami Beach, Florida only to destroy himself, lose his hundred million dollar fortune and die alone. The real story of a true visionary whose name is lost to history.

His name was Moses.  He called himself Freeman.  Born a slave.  He lived a slave.  And counted on dying a slave.  For forty years, Moses Freeman's entire universe was 400 acres of cotton fields along the James River in Virginia.  What lay beyond the river, beyond the green piney horizon, he had no knowledge or concern.  His sole purpose in life was to work a master's fields.
But a great war changed all of that.  And one day Moses was set free.  Released into a world for which he was totally unprepared and woefully ill-equipped to survive.

With only a dream, a seed sack holding his every possession and a Bible under his arm, Moses turned West. In search of his son.  Here tells the story of a stranger in a foreign land.  Of one man's impossible quest.  His search for his son in the vast American wilderness.

Peyton MacGruder is about to lose her job as the lonely hearts columnist for the Savannah Times News.  As her editor tells her, “The Heart Healer has no heart.”

But at that very same instant, an airliner with 266 souls aboard explodes over the city and crashes into the Savannah River where it meets the bay.  Among the debris floating to the surface is a note tucked inside a plastic baggy.  The note is found and brought to Peyton, the finder believing the Heart Healer the best qualified person to find to whom the mysterious note was written.


The Hallmark Channel

Caroline Garrett, Dr. of Veterinary Medicine, has known deep disappointment as well as spectacular success in her forty odd years of life.  Raised as a foster child, she grew up and had a brief but breathlessly exciting marriage to a rodeo star.  That ended and she faced life as a single woman.  Her practice kept her busy.  She raised her younger brother, Robby, who has grown up and become her partner in the ranch she calls Big Sky.  And together they provide a home for juvenile offenders sent to work off their community service or foster children either abandoned or removed from unfit parents; kids who desperately need some love and guidance in their lives.

Two unlikely people, a brash white kid and an old, embittered black man, develop a growing rela-tionship and learn many of life's lessons based on their mutual love of jazz.

Jeannie Fogel spends the summer with her grandparents in the Gold Country of California when she comes across 5 old rhymes leading to the location of a fortune in gold.


Disney Channel

Frank Dudek is a tough cop from Brooklyn who has spent the last 12 years on the San Antonio police force.  Reason is, he married a Texas girl who brought him here.  But the marriage ended long ago and Dudek is sort of stranded deep in the heart of Texas.  Dudek has this problem.  He's a compulsive gambler and he drinks too much.  It's ruined his life.  He's got nothing.  He owes everyone.  So he's turned into this burned out hulk of a man, suicidal and not well liked by the Texas cowboy cops he works with.

There's not much left keeping Frank from sucking the barrel of his own service revolver.  Not until his partner is torched by a psycho pyromaniac who's been burning buildings in downtown San Antonio.  So Dudek has a mission now.  He crosses paths with a beautiful young insurance investigator and romance struggles as they join forces to bring down the firebug.

An odd character calling himself Count Yogi, banned by the Professional Golf Association for being “too good,” racked up 2 million miles in his gold Cadillac, traveling the country and performing 7,000 exhibitions of miraculous golf shots, often dressed like a Hindu Swami.  He was named “Greatest Golfer of all time” by Golf Magazine.

An idealistic wedding planner fights to save The Wedding Tree, a unique landmark, from extinction with help coming from unexpected sources.


Mallory Humphries is a wedding planner in a Midwestern City that hosts a rather unique landmark – a 300 year old live oak tree under which nearly 3,000 couples have been married. But when the Wedding Tree is standing in the road of 21st Century progress, Mallory must fight to save it and gets unexpected help from the man contracted to clear the land and maybe a ghost or two from weddings past.