1.  I will personally read your screenplay thoroughly and write a comprehensive, in-depth analysis and review of your work.

This is not merely "coverage" of your script which many consultants offer and is essentially nothing more than a brief synopsis of your story.  I will cover all significant aspects of the art of storytelling and craft of screenwriting specifically as they relate to your screenplay.  Structure,  plot, character, dialogue and formatting are the areas to be covered in greatest detail.

2.  I will provide you with script/page notes that can be invaluable from an  editorial standpoint.

3.  At your request, we can arrange a phone conversation to discuss your screenplay, its marketability, how to approach an agent, showbiz, the weather, whatever is deemed significant concerning your work and career as a screenwriter.

4.  I will offer feedback and input into your one-page synopsis and agent query letter.

5.  My fee is normally $265 U.S.  But for a limited time, I've lowered my fee to $195. That's a $70 savings.


6.  Contact me by e-mail for further information or to let me know your material is on its way.

7.   Email me your script as a pdf and Pay

thru Paypal.  paulcooper01@ymail.com



1.  I make no warrants, promises or guarantees that you will sell your screenplay as a result of my services.

2.  I will keep the contents of your material in strictest confidence.  You will retain all rights to the material at all times regardless of any creative contributions I may make to your property.

3.  I will perform the services we agree upon in a timely manner; usually a 5-7 day turnaround. 

4.  I strongly recommend you register your submitted material with the Writers Guild of America at wga.org.

5.  All material you submit must be in a recognized screenplay format, 12 point font (preferably Courier).




Pay through Paypal


And send me your script as a pdf